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The National Association of Minority Contractors, INC. (NAMC) Greater Houston Chapter is a Non-Profit membership organization whose goal is to increase the market share of members by providing a forum of sharing information that helps members develop and attain high professional standards to create strong, competitive and profitable businesses.
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Membership Levels

Membership Benefits Include


Congratulations and Welcome to NAMC!

The National Association of Minority Contractors (NAMC – Greater Houston Chapter) is happy to welcome you
as a new member.

NAMC’S main goals are to Educate, Advocate, and put Bidding opportunities in front of our members.  Some notable changes and tools now available to new members are as follows:

  1. NAMC new digital telecommunications from a Microsoft Teams” account
  2. Access to our own YouTube channel created and posting short videos to connect to our membership
  3. Invited to attend NAMC’S a Lunch & Learn Webinars (34 straight months presenting)
  4. Have access to our Microsoft Teams 40 minute “Meet our Corporate Partner” event with one of our large Corporate Partners Series.
    1. We are presenting, “Meet our Corporate Member Partner” with a different Partner twice a month
    2. Invited to join one of our committee meeting in our time-saving TEAMS virtual platform
    3. We will continue our highly successful “Lunch & Learns” and Monthly Networking Event on TEAMS!
    4. We will conduct a “New Members Seminar” to introduce new members on how we can make a positive difference in your company.

We had over 40 NAMC members team-up to make this quick virtual transition. Key contributor was MCA Communication, one of our NAMC members that is now the head of our new Technology Committee. We’re excited at our improved ability to serve all Members while increasing the opportunity to add Minority and General Contractors memberships!


The best is yet to come!

Abel R. Garcia
NAMC – Executive Director


NAMC National pursues advocacy initiatives on behalf of members that affect the industry and minority contractors collectively.  Member protection is very important to NAMC and we make great strides to ensure that the interests of NAMC members are looked after.

Education and Training

NAMC provides the quarterly training series that includes workshop topics ranging from RS Means, Davis Bacon, Estimating, Professional Development, and OSHA training.  Also, NAMC will provide hands-on workshops for the company’s interested in pursuing work with government agencies.

Technical Assistance

Back office support is critical to the growth of your business. NAMC offers members assistance with HUB and City of Houston (COH) certifications. Relationships with city and state agencies assist with the expediting, of completed applications.


Our monthly meetings and annual events foster an opportunity to meet and greet other contractors in the market. Having the ability to meet with prime contractors gives allows your company a chance to establish relationships and develop strategic partnerships with other members of similar size and work scope.

Business Development Mentor/Protégé Opportunities

Our ongoing commitment to assist small business is through the development of our Member-to-Member program. It is through the creation of this program that real capacity building opportunities are created.  NAMC conducts a matchmaking process aimed at connecting NAMC members with prime contractors.